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Zenon Sensei's Fukasa-Ryu Samurai Sword Training includes:
· Self-discipline, confidence, and focus
· Use of and respect for physical objects as weapons
· Gaining respect and awareness of each other

· The history of the Samurai
· Basic Japanese (numbers, nomenclature…)
· Sword care and handling

The art works the entire body and provides a total body workout for the upper and lower body that includes:
CARDIO: Necessary for constant fast movement and prolonged training
FLEXIBILITY: Necessary for range of motion, numerous attacks and blocks, and more
STRENGTH TRAINING: Requiring the use of every muscle in the body to succeed

A selection of the many skills learned:
·Evading and defeating multiple attackers
·Quick-speed movements
·Endurance training
· Open hand fighting, disarming techniques

Fukasa-Ryu Samurai Sword Training is unique because it does not squeeze money from students with pay-for tournaments, expensive training equipment, and hidden costs. The focus is not on trophies and earning a rainbow of belts but on traditional training. After initial costs (uniform, belt, weapons) costs are minimal but the rewards are great.

Who is Zenon, Sensei?

Greg Zenon, Sensei believes in martial arts training as a way of living that leads to better quality of life. The following are highlights of his training and experience:
·Kyoshi -- 3rd Degree Blackbelt in Samurai Sword (Iai-Jutsu and Ken-Jutsu)
·Member of the International Okinawan Martial Arts Union, Okinawa / Japan / Europe / US.
·Sensei of Fukasa-ryu Bujutsu Kai (System of Depth, Martial Arts Association), a Fully Asian Accredited Martial Art
·Licensed Dojo Headmaster
·Fukasa-ryu Bujutsu Kai Hombu Photographer & Writer

·Over 18 years of martial arts experience including:
·10 Years with Soke Cary Nemeroff
·4 Years: University of Massachusetts Gojo Ryu Society
·4 Years: Ed Parker's American Kenpo, Webster Institute of Karate

In addition to being a martial artist, Zenon, Sensei is also an attorney who owns and operates his own Law Office, a general practice servicing clients in all areas of the law with a focus on real estate and criminal matters. Before entering private practice, Zenon, Sensei was a Prosecuting Senior Trial Attorney with the Brooklyn (Kings County) District Attorney’s Office.

Samurai Sword Dojo in Riverdale

Greg Zenon, Sensei, Fukasa-Ryu Iai/Ken-Jutsu Licensed Dojo Headmaster is now accepting students who want to learn the art of Samurai Sword at the Riverdale YM-YWHA 5625 Arlington Avenue /Bronx, NY 10471
(718) 548-8200 /

What is Fukasa-Ryu Samurai Sword?
It is and ancient combat method, still practiced today in its original form, with a lineage to the 18-generation Yokota Samurai family art and Shinjo-Ryu methods. With modern practice fitness goals in mind, training includes:
*practice (kata)
*speed (iai)
*fighting (ken)

Classes focus on the Iaijutsu "quick drawing" skills Samurai utilize when their swords are sheathed and Ken-Jutsu methods employed after drawing the sword. Just as Samurai have trained for centuries in both areas to succeed in all phases of combat, students are trained in both skills, learning the combat methods Samurai faced from battle to battle.

What will students learn?

Students learn the intricacies of drawing, cutting, deblooding and sheathing, and also Tachi-Dori. In Tachi-Dori – a combat technique pitting swordsperson against swordsperson – students work with bokkens (wooden sword replicas) to refine the combat "unsheathed methods" of the blade. Students also learn Kata (choreographed movements practiced without a partner) performed standing, seated, running, rolling or moving while kneeling (Shinki-Waza). The goal is to defend and retaliate with the blade in the Samurai tradition. Fukasa-Ryu Samurai Sword training is more than a phyisical workout, it engages the mind as well as the body.

Interested adults and teens should contact the Sensei via email or call 212.380.8582 to arrange to observe a class and meet with Zenon, Sensei.

Zenon, Sensei is also available for private students of all ages and levels. Email Zenon, Sensei for more information or to be added to the Dojo mailing list.