Friday, September 06, 2013


We are back again at the Riverdale Y. This Summer I picked up another fighting sword, courtesy of Badger Blades, giving students yet more opportunity to know what it feels like to fight with cold, hard steel. For the first time, as the pictures show, Badger is offering saya. They are well made, strong  leather, with a master's attention to detail.

Having already practiced with this sword and saya, I can attest that they are practical and versatile.

What these blades and saya lack in traditional ornamentation is made up for in their ability to take a full contact blow. And when the ha gets nicked or notched, Badger Blades is there to reforge it to perfection, or, if necessary, replace at no charge whatsoever. While they cannot replace iaito, these blades make great additions to any dojo.

All class details are below, accurate and up to date. Whether you're new to the practice or returning, you are  welcome to join.

Class Schedule
Sundays 2:30- 4pm
Riverdale Y
5625 Arlington Avenue
Bronx, NY 10471(718) 548-8200

Click here for more detailed class info.

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